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Indigo & Olivewood Boutique Launch

So, here we go!

After working on my dream for months and months, not only researching products and vendors, but also taking a crash-course in social media marketing, SEO, keywording, website development, shipping options....the list goes on forever, really...I am super proud to say that I have officially launched my home decor online boutique, Indigo & Olivewood!

Let’s go! So far, I’ve worked on a few social promotions and although the website backend work will never end, the soft launch is happening now!

Indigo & Olivewood is inspired by the incredible beauty found in a multicultural world, paired with a love of travel, discovery, eclectic aesthetics, and an intense homebody love for decorating my space with beautiful objects. My goal is to inspire you, too. Our homes should be our sanctuary that provide us with profound comfort and ease, but at the same time, we should be inspired to learn, grow, and gain perspective in our wide world.

Welcome to Indigo & Olivewood! 

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  • Tammyfillips444@gmail .com

    Much luck on your new endeavour. I hope that I will learn a lot along the way.

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