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The Shit that Inspires Me

What does a love for travel have to do with home decor, exactly? Well, to me, a whole lot!

I don’t think that worldwide adventure and exploration and being a homebody and longing for a soul-deep sanctuary are mutually exclusive life experiences. In fact, one feeds the other, back and forth, morphing this into a beautifully eclectic life.

My favorite thing to do while I’m traveling is to pretend like I am a local. While I stand out like a sore thumb in most places that I travel, with a distinctly Scandinavian appearance and unconsciously American demeanor, I don’t care. Like playing a weirdo alternate reality game, I transport myself to a different life, and I like to imagine that this ultra-rich lamb tagine I am tasting for the first time or this huge crumbling tile edifice in front of me is my life. 

Not only is this alternate Inga creation fun, this shit is inspiring! Bringing home moments of inspiration and awe is, for me, the whole purpose of traveling. I want my life experiences to change me and to inspire me. 

When you find something that is inspiring, relish it! Bring it into your life, play around with how it fits, and admire the updated funky collage that is you!

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